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Sam Hamilton

Certified Master Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, President of Integrity Tax Relief, Proud husband and father.


Given his own experience in personal development and his passion for helping others, he decided to dive into the motivational speaking arena as well. These days, Sam shares his successes and achievements, and even struggles along the way with others who may be at a crossroads in life. He also makes a point of investing in the community of Lufkin. Recently he Hosted a public event, “Cultivating the Community, Chapter 1,” Hosted by Freeway Ricky Ross on Friday, December 13, 2013.


He hopes that through his business, speaking, and community involvement, that his work will help people discover their own greatness. “Most people are looking for their greatness in other areas,” says Sam, “when it has been with them the entire time.”


"When you lead, leave a trail." -Samuel Hamilton

Sam expertise areas include:

Business and Relationships for Adults




Career: New Opportunities and Promotion for Entrepreneurs

Youth Guidance for Future Goals and Desires 




Inner Growth and Spiritual Development for Fathers

All sessions can be done online or offline to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

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